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September 2018

A local chef shares one of her favorite family recipes.

The uptown Phoenix shop looks back on its 20-year-long legacy.

Travel with us to two of Phoenix’s Sister Cities: Catania, Italy and Ramat Gan, Israel.

An exclusive online video presents the misleading mythology and the true origin story of the glamorous coupe glass.

Explore the trend of raw and earthy accents.

Take inspiration from this unique public landscape.

Like their top-shelf namesake, martini tables pack a stylish punch.

Treat guests to a trio boozy brews tailored for early-autumn tippling.

Get the party going.

For hip hosts, Main Dish serves up inventive and stylish table settings.

A showy new desert willow makes its debut.

Fall is for festivals in Phoenix. Herein: The best music, dance and theater productions to hit the Valley in the 2018-2019 season.

Phoenix Home & Garden gives a face-to-face introduction to the people behind the scenes and their accomplishments. Leaders, innovators and top design professionals paving the way to make the Valley one of the best places to live. The 2018 Faces of Phoenix.

For grand soirees or private dinners, a Mediterranean-style estate embodies elegance.

Valley architect Clint Miller transforms ruins into a modern home for him and his wife.

A welcoming destination for family and visitors, a 12-acre desert property radiates resortlike ambience.

Peek behind the scenes at Tucson-based HF Coors, creators of iconic dishware beloved by restaurants and discerning homeowners