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June 2018

A landscaping professional suggests the perfect flora for five diverse planters.

From Eastern Europe to Northern Mexico, our city's reach is far and wide.

Explore the art, culture, fashion and swinging style of this California desert town that’s anything but dry.

Learn more about the sources in our June 2018 issue.

Travel with us to Palm Springs

Take inspiration from this local Zen garden gem in the heart of Phoenix.

Replete with imaginative murals and surrounded by desert landscaping, a basic ranch house steals the spotlight

Six high-tech throwbacks he'll love.

A modern-day remodel adds a fresh look to a classic William Krisel house while honoring its midcentury roots.

A family finds a wealth of history at Scottsdale's iconic Brusally Ranch.

The Red Rock Lavender Festival in Concho invigorates every June with a spectacle of sights, smells and flavors.

Colorful, eclectic and worldly, this vibrant home shines from front door to backyard