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February/March 2022

At Desert Mountain, artist Tammy Lynch-Forrest interprets the fauna and fauna of the Sonoran Desert one tile at a time.

More than just a lucky charm, these oft forgotten cloverlike plants are perfectly suited for the desert.

The Cosanti Foundation Welcomes Elizabeth Martin-Malikian.

A Rio Verde home incorporates feng shui and rustic, refined elements into its interior design.

For more than four decades, Nick Newberry was the Valley’s go-to for architectural illustration.

We asked; you delivered—here are your picks for the best and brightest in the Valley.

Artist Tamara Scott-Anderson plumbs her own neighborhood for the elements that go into her vivid, tactile woven sculptures.

A cadre of confounding yet uniquely beautiful desert plants.

Our picks for the top 9 events and exhibitions in Phoenix and Scottsdale for February and March 2022.

What to do, where to go, what to see and who to know from our sister publication, PHOENIX magazine.

From tableware to appliances to lighting, matte black makes a bold statement.

What to plant, prune and pluck this spring, according to your elevation.

Interior designer, author, retailer and fashionista—is there anything this dynamo cannot do?

After years of searching, this furniture designer found his higher purpose.

Following in his father’s footsteps, Valley builder John Gurley forges his own path.

An innovative architect and educator is ushering Phoenix into the future.

Sculptor Michael Anderson’s legacy can be found around the world and at his North Scottsdale property.

This Scottsdale architect may call his success a “happy accident,” but his robust body of work and raw talent prove otherwise.

Solutions for bare soil beneath a mesquite tree.

Some 25 years ago, this landscape architect went out on his own, working from a spare bedroom in his Tempe townhouse. Today, with a staff of 300, he’s become one of the Valley’s most coveted estate garden designers.

Masters of the Southwest. Six creative powerhouses who have made their marks in the Valley. February/March 2022

A husband and wife duo bring their warm, breezy organic-modern design to the Valley.

Masters of the Southwest

Celebrating past Masters of the Southwest winners.

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