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Tuesday, 12:00 pm
Health & Wellness
Heart Screening Days at ABF
Anthony Bates Foundation World H

The Anthony Bates Foundation Youth & Adult Heart Screenings at the the ABF WHQ in Phoenix, AZ, on various dates in June with appointments from 12:00 PM to 5:00 PM.You MUST contact ABF to Schedule your appointment today!• Email (• Call for questions or appointments (602) 482-5606• Make appointments on-line at [] you!Sports/Student/Youth Screenings Includes:Allow 15 minutes per appointmentBlood Pressure Reading? EKG (electrocardiogram)? ECHO (ultrasound) to evaluate size and thickness of heart? Reviewed by Pediatric Cardiologist? FEE of $ 40 **Adult 7 Point Screenings Includes:Allow 25 minutes per appointment? Blood Pressure Reading? EKG (electrocardiogram)? Comprehensive ECHO (ultrasound) that evaluates:? How big is your heart: how thick are the walls of your heart: how well the walls of your heart are moving; how good is the squeeze/pump of your heart; if there is fluid around the heart; and if you have a heart murmur OR heart valve issues.? Reviewed by an Adult Cardiologist? FEE of $90 **