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Friday, 6:00 pm
Health & Wellness
Full Moon Float for Women Sept. 29
Private Home

Full Moon Float for Women \"Water has the power to heal, let it heal your soul and bring you peace.\" ~Unknown Both the human body and the earth itself are comprised of about 70% water, and we can only live about 3 days without it. Not only do we need water to survive, it also has tremendous healing and therapeutic benefits. Water can physiologically and psychologically benefit people because of its therapeutic nature. For thousands of years it has been known to help cure illness, refresh the body and relax the mind. Since those ancient times water has been one of the most effective elements in combating illness and injury. Hydrotherapy, or water treatment, can combat many diseases or ailments, but it can also be a quick, easy and affordable way to relieve a little stress. (Read more about its healing benefits here.)