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Friday, 6:00 pm
Arts & Education
FOUND:RE Phoenix Hotel and FOUND:RE Contemporary Announce Call to Artists for Upcoming Exhibition Friday, June 2
FOUND:RE Contemporary

The exhibition cycle will feature a collection of three smaller exhibitions titled WORK! COLOR! LIGHT!: “WORK!” will showcase LGBTQ+ artists and perspectives. “COLOR!” will showcase a body of work exploring the use of color. “LIGHT!” will be an exploration of how light can be used in a work of art. This artists call is a general invitation to submit art that may fall into any of these three exhibition categories. Acceptable submissions include art in every medium, style and size that captures the use of many bright colors, the use of neon or other light-producing media or LGBTQ+ voices and perspectives. The works of approximately 60 artists will be selected for the upcoming exhibition, depending on the number of works submitted and how many can be shown. Selected artists will be notified and finalists will be announced Monday, May 8. The exhibition is set to debut with an opening reception Friday, June 2 from 6-9 p.m. Details, including how long the exhibition will remain on display, are forthcoming.