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Saturday, 10:30 am
Arizona Bao and Dumpling Festival
The Martin Auto Museum

The Arizona Bao and Dumpling Festival is in its fourth year with over 15 local food businesses at this Asian food festival. Bao or a steamed bun is a type of bread dumpling. The bun can either be baked or steamed with a variety of fillings inside. You can also try different dumplings from various cultures from Takoyaki to potstickers. We specialize in food events that highlight ethnic diversity, expanding the footprint of Asian inspired food festivals in Arizona. Our goal is to show more than fair type of food and help small businesses grow. Our events are also a place for people to discover new foods and try new items. We strongly believe in creativity such as fusion foods like ice cream bao. We also believe creativity stems from ethnic diversity. For example, a previous food vendor created their own version of cha siu bao. Cha siu bao is a traditional baked or steamed bun with a fluffy milk bread and sweet BBQ pork inside. They created a smoked version and uses smoked pork belly as the filling. This is also what we consider the creativity bedrock and for businesses to experiment and create fusion flavors. Our goal for these food events is to discover new foods and foster creativity.