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Amery Bohling Fine Art

Master artist Amery Bohling’s studio/gallery is beautifully nestled in the center of Scottsdale’s Arts District at Marshal and Main Streets.  As an award winning artist, Amery is recognized for her skill and strong determination. Often painting on location to get a better understanding of her subject, its color, lights and darks.  Her work vividly portrays the enduring strength of the West’s landscapes as she provides a stunning representation of the old world living in the new West.  Bohling’s fine landscapes encompass complex and rugged terrains from the Grand Canyon to mountain waterfalls to the rolling drama of seascapes.    

“I love the sport and adventure of painting on location.   In turn, I love the challenge of bringing my studies back to the gallery to ‘re-live’ the experience as I develop my larger studio pieces. Finally, I love painting in the gallery where I can meet my collectors. They can see the creative process, point out what they like, and discuss options for framing or commissions.”

Amery Bohling Fine Art provides an enhanced art experience as visitors stroll into her gallery and personally experience the warmth and drama of her work.  Then, as you wander past her works, you will likely find Amery painting at the back of the gallery and can catch her in the midst of a new masterpiece.  Amery understands the unique needs and desires of her art collectors and provides consultation to help personally design commission works to meet their particular needs.

Not only does Amery Bohling Fine Art studio provide commission pieces, she also provides full gallery services including expert:  delivery and installation of her art, consultation on size, color of art for a specific location, lighting recommendations, opportunity to consider a piece ‘on approval’ and secure shipping anywhere in the world.

Amery’s vision is to paint her world experiences in a way that will provide a representation of life during a specific moment in time.  Perhaps, for example, to present a giant tree hanging on to a canyon cliff, which finally succumbs with the passing of time and tumbles into the vast canyons below.  She hopes those who view her work can capture a sense of the wonder and awe she experiences in the dramatic landscapes she paints.

“I am driven by complex landscapes.  The American West is a magical part of the world and my desire is to paint the landscape in its natural state, and to preserve the beauty of these locations for others to enjoy. My inspiration comes from traveling the countryside painting in ‘plein air’ surrounded by the beauty of the landscape.   I strive to represent our world with imagination, passion and respect.  These elements of my personality are constant whether I am in the wilderness painting or dressed up for an Artist Reception.  I love the contrast. I paint in a traditional contemporary sense, respecting tradition, while using color, form and design to present a contemporary perspective.  My work is evolving within these constant elements as I strive to create the perfect painting.  Knowing full well that will never happen, I am having an incredible life journey in the process.  Due to its beauty and grandeur, The Grand Canyon has been my primary subject. The Canyon seems steady and constant however, in reality it is constantly evolving within its primary geological elements.  It has a surprising synchronicity with my ‘inner life’.  So we will journey this lifetime together.

Amery participates in juried art exhibitions and events across the country and Europe, is a sought after instructor and is featured in many fine art magazines.  In addition to Amery’s work, she will occasionally show work from additional artists.  Works from emerging artists Amy Karnes and Matt Sterbenz are currently available.


7100 E Main Street #A Scottsdale Arizona 85251


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