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Author: Susan Regan
Issue: December, 2009, Page 25
Photography by Werner Segarra
Owners: Crystal (left) and
Bonnie Flynt

February 2006

Location: 3022 E. Broadway Blvd., Tucson

Hours: Monday through Saturday, 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.

(520) 795-2272

You could say that a knack for design runs in the family for Bonnie Flynt and daughter Crystal. Bonnie once restored a 1900s-era home in California and has built an adobe house in Tucson, while Crystal worked in the visual design department for Anthropologie. Ten years ago, Bonnie followed a lifelong dream and started a retail store in Tucson, where Crystal worked while in college. The mother and daughter formed a partnership several years later, re-fined the store’s concept, and launched bon (named after Bonnie).

Philosophy: “We’ve always been interested in things created with care and a handmade touch,” explains Crystal. “We really believe in quality.” Bonnie agrees and adds that the pair seeks out unique products made by artisans and small companies. “The store is inspired by nature, flea markets, books, music and art, and bringing all of that together.”

What’s in store: Located in a building designed by well-known architect Josias Joesler, the shop features wares for the home and garden. Imported pieces include colorful vintage Pakistani quilts, pillows crafted from old Suzani textiles, and a collection of throws by Jeanette Farrier, which are hand-stitched in India. Tools, ceramic pots and cloches are a few of the items intended for the garden. Jewelry, clothing, artwork, vintage furnishings, and tableware by John Derian are among other offerings. During the holidays, the boutique becomes a winter wonderland with the addition of vintage-inspired ornaments, beaded tabletop trees, silver-glass glittered reindeer, Christmas cards and more. Bonnie and Crystal also make a line of seasonal garlands from vintage flower parts and ribbons. Check out bon’s second location at 4419 N. Campbell Ave. in Tucson, which opened in 2007.

Don’t miss: The boutique carries a range of artwork by Don Carney, including drawings on burlap with stitched embellishments.

Left: Made of wool, these vintage blankets were crafted in Bolivia.

Right: This sampling of artwork by Don Carney features pen-and-ink drawings in vintage frames.

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