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Aquatec Fountains & Ponds

Author: Susan Regan
Issue: October, 2008, Page 55
Photos by Werner Segarra

Owner: Heather Warner
Opened: April 2008
Location: 13613 N. 32nd St., Phoenix
Hours: Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Phone: (602) 395-0288
Web site:
History: Aquatec Fountains & Ponds has
long been at the forefront of custom water-feature design and installation in the Phoenix area. The family-owned business has completed commercial projects at University of Phoenix Stadium and Barry Goldwater Memorial Park, for example. Recently, the business took another direction when owner Heather Warner noticed a void in the residential water feature market. Identifying the need for a retail store that displays functioning fountains, water walls and more, Warner and her family opened Aquatec’s residential showroom last spring.
Philosophy: In addition to presenting an array of water features, Warner wanted the facility to be a one-stop shop for clients and designers. “If you like fountains and ponds, we want to be able to help you—we’ll have an answer,” she says.
What’s in store: Visitors enter the showroom by crossing a stainless steel bridge that stretches over a Contemporary-style koi pond. This is just one of many custom indoor/outdoor designs that catch the eye, including a two-tiered hand-carved stone wall fountain, and a “weeping” wall, where water trickles over an antique stone mantel converted into a water feature. Another display shows jets of water illuminated with colored LED lights “jumping” through cut-outs in a wall and landing in urns on the other side. The company also offers installation, maintenance and renovation services, as well as lighting and control systems. A portion of the store is dedicated to presenting materials that work well for water features, such as glass and ceramic tiles, marble, granite and concrete. Project managers are on staff to assist with design questions.

Water can woo in a variety of ways. Here, it flows gently over a trio of copper panels set into a stone wall, and from a wide scupper that spills into a koi pond.
Water streams down thin acrylic strips in this floor-to-ceiling circular rain curtain.

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