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2014 Master of the Southwest Jeff Mossman - Pool Designer

Author: Nancy Erdmann
Issue: March, 2014, Page 126
Pool designer Jeff Mossman (pictured) works closely with his brother and partner, Mike Mossman, who says they have great chemistry and never argue.

Designer Jeff Mossman Puts His Creative Stamp on Everything Water

Sometimes childhood jobs turn into lifetime careers. For Phoenix-based pool designer Jeff Mossman, the path to the pool business was about as straightforward as it gets.

When he was an adolescent, Jeff and his family moved from New York to Scottsdale, where his father, Bob Mossman, became an owner of Aquarian Age Pools in 1972. As a teen, Jeff also worked for the firm, riding his bike from house to house cleaning pools that his father built. A few years after high school, he and his brother, Mike, teamed up with their father at the same business, with Jeff handling sales and design while Mike supervised construction. In 1985, their father passed away, and seven years later, the siblings took the bold step of starting their own company, Mossman Brothers Pools.

The firm grew steadily as did its reputation. Jeff handled the administrative end of the business, including all design and sales; Mike was in charge of construction and field supervision. Over time, Jeff’s design experience evolved. “It was learn as you go,” he recalls. “Years ago, pools were so simple. They were just holes in the ground with water. Today, they are true extensions of the home with no limits to design and imagination.

Water from a negative-edge spa flows into an infinity-edge pool and appears to disappear into the horizon at this Paradise Valley, Arizona, home. Integrated into the all-glass pool are four bar stools and a fountain spurting out of a tiled table in the middle of the spa. Water jets, fire woks, and a checkerboard of turf and Noche travertine stepping stones complete the scene.
“I create with the intention of making the pool and backyard experience become one with the residence, not just an element that looks like an afterthought,” he continues. “It all comes down to the details, incorporating architectural style with  existing materials in the client’s home.”

He finds that in addition to design expertise, clients want low maintenance and easy operation. “We provide the most current technology available so that our clients can spend their time enjoying their pools and spas instead of trying to figure out how to use or maintain them,” he notes.

Now president of the company, Jeff says he doesn’t have a signature look but tries to make every one of his projects stand out. “I always try to imagine ‘how would I enjoy this pool if it were in my backyard’ and then make suggestions based on this. I’ve heard many clients say over the years that they had seen a pool somewhere and just knew it was a Mossman pool or that it had the Mossman touch,” he relates.

The brothers’ relationship with local builders, many of whom had worked with their father 25 years ago, has also played a big part in their growth. “Mossman Brothers Pools came highly recommended to me,” says John Sebald, president of Santorini Homes. “Jeff’s greatest attributes are that he is a persistent and hard worker. He works seven days a week. No matter what clients request, Jeff will meet their demands. No complaining; just problem solving. He never lets anything get lost in the details.”

In 2010, Mossman Brothers brought in an established landscape firm, which allows the company to offer the complete outdoor package: pool, landscape and hardscape. “It’s extremely rewarding when we are contracted for projects and then are able to proudly look at the completed property and say, ‘We did it all,’” Jeff remarks.

This Master of the Southwest says he loves working closely with his team—which includes his wife, Kimberly, and son, Jaylen—to see his designs become a reality.

This glass-tile pool and spa were designed with LED Laminar jets that shoot  water into the pool. An automatic pool cover disappears under a lid when not in use.

This wet-edge pool—where the pool and decking are at the same elevation—features a negative-edge spa that sits inside the pool. Quartzite decking echoes the sleek sheen of the water.
Laminar deck jets illuminated with LED lighting with rotating colors highlight this negative-edge pool. A raised spa at the far end boasts an illuminated stair-step spillway.

Water from an elevated spa flows into an almond-shaped pool that matches the architectural elements and Contemporary style of the house.

Photos - From left: Deck jets shoot water at various heights to accentuate the drama of this circular pool, which includes “floating” steppingstones that lead to a sunken firepit in the middle of the pool. A fire bar lines the pool’s negative-edge, drawing the eye to the mountainscape beyond. • The clean lines of this square pool reflect the Contemporary look of the residence. Water pours from the patio’s stone column.

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