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December 2010 Gallery Spotlight: Wild Holly Gallery

Author: Roberta Landman
Issue: December, 2010, Page 121
Photo by Christiaan Blok

Hollis Pagliaro-Bergman pauses among a variety of paintings and sculpture.

Wild Holly Gallery

OWNER—Hollis Pagliaro-Bergman


LOCATION—22 Easy St., Carefree,

HOURS—10 a.m.-5 p.m. daily

PHONE—(480) 595-8757


HISTORY—Little more than a decade ago, Pagliaro-Bergman had a “pressure cooker” marketing job in the Northeast and a significant other living in Arizona. On one of her frequent visits to see her now-husband, they toured Carefree, and she was instantly charmed. “We discovered that one of the small shops on Easy Street—an import gift shop—was for sale,” she relates. She bought it the very next day and turned its 660-square-foot space into a gallery that sold garden art and water features. After two years, she cut through a wall, doubled her space, and added art to her offerings.

In 2005, she bought and renovated a nearby building on Easy Street, on the corner of Ho Hum Way, and moved her gallery to the new space. There, on two floors and in 4,800 square feet, Wild Holly Gallery today offers an eclectic array of works by local and nationally acclaimed U.S. artists. “We have not forgotten our roots, and still offer garden art and water features,” Pagliaro-Bergman comments. An art appreciator from an artistic family, she says of herself, “There is not a creative bone in this body. I am the business end of the gallery.”

SPECIALTY—Wild Holly exhibits a diverse selection of sculpture, paintings, glass art, pottery, fountains, garden art, jewelry and more by U.S. artists.

ARTISTS REPRESENTED—Among the gallery’s 90 artists are: Hamilton Aguiar, Janie Anderson, Andrea, George Auguste, Andy Baird, Justin Copperworks, Paul Cunningham, Jack Durnford, Chuck Girard, Guillioume, Mitch Henderson, Paul Henry, Paul Jones,  Henry Kelly, Lana May, Rick Meoli, Arthur Norby, Erin Sir, Charles Taube, Debora Wayne and Katherine Wilson.

Photos - From left: Heart-shaped maple and mahogany sculptures by Charles Taube; the wall-hangings are about 3'H each. • “Jordan,” a 60"H x 45"W acrylic on canvas by painter Andy Baird

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