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2013 Young Guns - Todd Briggs & Roger Socha

Author: Shawndrea Corbin
Issue: September, 2013, Page 76
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Company: TRUEFORM Landscape Architecture Studio, Phoenix

Education: Both have bachelor’s of science degrees in landscape architecture from
Arizona State University.

How did you get into this line of work?
Todd: I happened upon landscape architecture after exploring various liberal arts programs in school, and almost immediately recognized that it incorporated many of my interests, including ecology, sustainability and design.
Roger: Growing up in Illinois, I was exposed to nature through camping, hiking and gardening, and was close to the incredible urban environment of Chicago.
Subsequently, I gravitated to a profession that offered the best of both worlds.

What inspires you?
Todd: My love of the outdoors and “wild places” inspires me to connect people who reside in Phoenix with the natural beauty found in our native desert.
Roger: People and nature; seeing clients, or the public, enjoying the spaces Todd and I have created.

What do you consider your greatest achievement to date?
Todd: Starting our new design firm. Although, most important is raising my two daughters, Alexis and Emily, while exposing them to nature through activities such as camping and rock climbing.
Roger: Building relationships with the people I’ve worked with.

Have you received any awards?
Todd: I’ve been very fortunate to have been involved in numerous projects that were recognized both locally and nationally by various institutions, including the American Society of Landscape Architects, and Arizona Forward.
Roger: I’ve had the good fortune to receive both local and national awards, but I am most honored to have two boys who call me “Dad,” and a wife who understands my passion for my profession.

What’s on the horizon?
Todd: Roger and I are working on a range of projects, including residential gardens, community college additions, multi-family housing, a restaurant/bar in central Phoenix and the renovation of a Tucson resort.

This exterior garden is part of Arizona State University’s Student Health Services in Tempe, Arizona, and was designed in conjunction with Ten Eyck landscape architects, Lake Flato and Orcutt Winslow. The patio is made of recycled materials pulled from the original site. Adjacent to Palm Walk, the site includes a nearby rain-chain feature that harvests roof water for the garden.
Part of a private Tempe residence, this garden seating area incorporates textured concrete blocks and stabilized decomposed granite in a simple layout and is set within the shaded protection of a mesquite tree grove.
This concept sketch by TRUEFORM is for the Aztec Culture Garden at San Diego State University. The project’s purpose is to provide an educational garden experience that reflects Aztec culture through ethno-botanical heritage.

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