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Josh Clare - 2013 Emerging Artist

Author: Debra Kline
Issue: March, 2013, Page 82

Josh Clare

What is your art background?
I obtained a bachelor of fine arts degree in illustration from Brigham Young University-Idaho. Not only is BYU-Idaho one of the best traditional art schools in the nation, it also is one of the best-kept secrets in the art world. Outside of my formal education, I’ve spent a lot of time reading whatever art books I could get my hands on, attending workshops and studying artist demonstration videos to learn all that I could. I plan on continuing to learn as long as I live.

What sets your work apart from others in your field?
I believe art is as unique as our fingerprints. My art is different because of the thickness of its paint, color preference and surface use. I like to use a lot of paint in my work and prefer to use cool colors. I also like to paint on a gessoed board as opposed to canvas, as it allows every brushstroke to show.

Where do you find inspiration?
Nature. Nothing inspires me more than just going outside and looking around. That’s really why I paint. I have to paint like I have to breathe. I’m extremely grateful that I’ve been blessed to do this full time. I don’t know what I’d do if I couldn’t go on creating.

What do you love most about your medium?
In addition to being able to create something that I love, I simply love the way oil paint looks. It’s gorgeous. I love the different varieties you can get with it (thick, thin, transparent, opaque, etc.).

What is your most significant art-related achievement?
I’ve won a lot of awards at plein air (outdoor landscape) competitions and online shows. This past summer, I won Artist Choice at the Laguna Plein Air competition. I think, however, my highest kudos came from my former professor and mentor, Leon Parson, who gave me a bit of sincere praise for a two-man show I had put together shortly after graduating from college with a “that’s beautiful” review of my work.

What’s on the horizon?
I’m going to paint a lot. I’m very excited to continue learning and to get closer to helping others see and appreciate the world’s natural beauty. I’m looking forward to painting more people—possibly Native Americans. My goal is to create large, multi-figure, Russianesque compositions that take me a very long time to create and complete, because I want to get really good. It’s an intense desire, a deep longing, to make beautiful things that lift and inspire and edify.

What You Lookin’ At, oil on board, 16"H x 12"W

Power-ful, oil on board, 24"H x 24"W
Carmel Mission, oil on board, 12"H x 10"W

South Rim Spring, oil on board, 36"H x 48"W
Newton Farm, oil on board, 36"H x 36"W
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