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Feng Shui Practitioner Lisa Montgomery

Author: LeeAnn DiSanti
Issue: August, 2012, Page 23
Photo by Garrett cook

At her Scottsdale studio, feng shui practitioner Lisa Montgomery holds a representation of a lotus bloom. It is associated with spiritual awakening and growth, she says. Chinese script on plaques behind her describe 99 ways to express happiness.

Lisa Montgomery Uses Feng Shui to Transform the Energy of Southwest Spaces

Lisa Montgomery Uses Feng Shui to Transform the Energy of Southwest Spaces Feng shui, an ancient Chinese philosophy, aims to promote good energy—or chi—within an area. It is believed that the proper flow of energy will positively affect one’s life. This idea has become popular in modern times, where it is related to the placement of furnishings and plant life.

A Bagua map is an important feng shui tool. With the goal of creating balance and equilibrium, it is divided into eight elements related to such aspects as health, family, children, creativity and wealth. Certified feng shui practitioner Lisa Montgomery uses this map as a guide to transform homes and businesses and, in turn, the lives of her clients, she relates.

Montgomery has dedicated more than a decade to cultivating her skills, adapting them to complement the Southwest lifestyle. For example, water is integral for establishing good chi in a space; but it can be difficult to come by in Arizona. Montgomery often suggests incorporating a fountain near a front door to cleanse the energy. In feng shui, the front door is the main place energy enters a house.

Montgomery’s mother piqued her interest in the Chinese practice. She delved into the study, buying books, researching websites and taking classes. “I found that if I moved something, something happened; it was as simple as that,” she notes. “You start to feel like you can control things.”

After studying various feng shui methods in California and Singapore, Montgomery opened Feng Shui Arizona in Mesa, Arizona, in 2002. The company, which also sells traditional feng shui accessories and hosts certification classes, relocated to Old Town Scottsdale in 2010.

Montgomery’s focus is working with clients to redesign spaces to reflect modern-day feng shui applications that promote energy flow and balance. “Design can be so strong and still reflect feng shui in exactly the right areas,” she explains.

Over the years, she has discovered that slight adjustments can have major impacts. If energy is “stuck” in a particular area, a mirror can be used to bounce it around a space. Likewise, colors are attached to the five elements of feng shui: fire, earth, metal, water and wood. If an environment is deficient in any element, color can be used to supplement and promote good chi.

Feng shui can be applied to a variety of design styles, the expert suggests. “Ultimately, a space needs to feel like it’s yours.”
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