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Christine Sutherland: 2012 Emerging Artist

Author: Susan Regan
Issue: March, 2012, Page 80
Christine Sutherland


What is your art background?
I graduated from Utah State University with a Bachelor of Science in Art degree, with an emphasis in illustration. I knew before I graduated that I was more of a fine artist with interests in figurative and abstract art—with pure color being my constant—rather than an illustrator.

What inspires you?
Being in nature awakens my spirit; it is this inspiration that moves me to create something new. I like to put meaning in the meaningless, and most of my paintings reflect a moment of time. Even if a bird is flapping its wings, there is stillness to it that I try to capture.

What is your most significant art-related achievement?
In 2011, I received my Master Silk Painter designation from the Silk Painters International group (SPIN), recognizing artistic achievement in this field.

What do you love most about your medium?
The speed at which you have to solve problems while creating a painting is part of my lure to painting on silk. The dyes flow freely, as if they have a life of their own, and there is no controlling them except through the use of wax resist [a technique utilizing wax to repel paint].

What’s on the horizon?
In addition to teaching silk-painting workshops at Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix, Phoenix Center for the Arts, and Mesa Arts Center, this summer I am giving workshops at the 2012 SPIN Silk Festival in Santa Fe as well as several West Coast locations, including Yosemite National Park.

In 2011, I began painting smaller, which is a challenge for me and difficult to do with wax as a resist. While my goals are to paint more birds and studies in abstraction, I never know what will become my next inspired creation—that’s what keeps me captivated by art.

When Fall Comes Around, French dyes on heavy silk with wax resist, 36"H x 48"W

Sea Breeze, French dyes on heavy silk with wax resist, 18"H x 24"W
A Series of Repercussions, French dyes on heavy silk with wax resist, 36"H x 48"W

As the Feather Turns, I, French dyes on heavy silk with wax resist, 16"H x 20"W
Sweet Plumeria, French dyes on heavy silk with wax resist, 30"H x 30"W
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