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Realist Painter Sharon Weiser

Author: Roberta Landman
Issue: February, 2011, Page 124
Photos by Christiaan Blok

In her bright and airy studio, artist Sharon Weiser paints her vision of a prickly pear cactus and its vibrant fruit.

Painter Sharon Weiser delights in her subjects’ finer points

Even olives poised on the tines of a fork capture the imagination of Scottsdale artist Sharon Weiser. Her colorful paintings lend importance to these pimento-stuffed treats, and other unexpected images as well.

To Weiser, a Realist painter who works in oils and acrylics, the items that she depicts on her canvases challenge viewers’ perceptions. They seem to be calling out, “I bet you never looked at me this way.”  

The artist often will portray her subject matter in atypical compositions. In one of her works, a cherry is caught between two cuddling pears. In another—a romantic-themed still-life—a silver goblet lies on a lace tablecloth, as if an unseen hand had just knocked it over into a scattering of cherries. It is the reflection of lace in the goblet and the open weave of the lace itself that fascinate Weiser.

In that respect,  she offers, “My approach to painting is like detective work. Analyzing, investigating, digging for information, collecting facts, asking why, what, where and how.”
Growing up on a Wisconsin dairy farm, she remembers always loving to draw, and as a young child copied pictures of birds she saw in a book. “My birds looked like birds, and I just thought everybody could draw and paint.”

Later, as a mother of two school-age daughters, she earned a bachelor of fine arts degree in painting and a K-through-12 teaching certificate from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. Her teaching experience did not involve children, however. After studying industrial design for two years at the University of Wisconsin-Stout, Weiser joined the school’s Art and Design Department and taught graphic artists and interior designers about proper perspective and how to create renderings of products.

Olives on a Fork, oil on canvas, 30"H x 15W"
Over the past 30 years, the award-winning artist has conducted art classes and workshops in Wisconsin, New Mexico and Arizona. She relocated to the Phoenix area in 1992.

Initially, she relates, “I thought the landscape down here was very boring in color.” Having grown to appreciate it, she recently decided to translate what she saw onto canvas—but in her own vibrant fashion. “I’m not copying color from nature,” she notes. “I get to invent it.”

In addition to having her paintings in private collections across the U.S., Weiser has completed works for major hotel chains and cruise ship lines.

The artist says she is never bored by painting. “When I get done with it, I love to see what I was able to do. I can best describe art as a never-ending pleasure—my companion from the beginning and for the rest of my life.”

A juried member of several art leagues, Weiser is represented by galleries in Arizona and New Mexico. The artist and her paintings will be on the scene at the Arizona Fine Art EXPO through April 3, 2011.

Left: Goblet and Nine Cherries, oil on canvas, 24"H x 18"W • Right: Corks #2, oil on canvas, 8"H x 24"W

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