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Mosaic Maven

Author: Kim Hill
Issue: May, 2009, Page 46

This heart-shaped box is topped with an assortment of decorative items, including a glass pendant, Christmas tree lights and beads.
The artisan occasionally incorporates glass tiles and family mementos into her designs. Scottsdale interior designer Shannon Van Zutphen commissioned Morrow
to create just such a backsplash for a bathroom in her home. “She used a doorknob and a bathroom faucet from my grandmother’s house, some button covers my daughter gave me, and a necklace from my son,” Van Zutphen says. “It’s uniquely personal.”

Van Zutphen is a fan of Morrow’s work, from both personal and professional standpoints. “As a designer, I enjoy co-creating with Vickie because she is the perfect combination of artist and businessperson,” she explains. “While she is very creative and particularly good with color, she works equally well with home-owners, designers and installers.

“Sometimes I work with artists who go off and do their own thing and forget what they are supposed to be doing for the client,” Van Zutphen adds. “At the same time, you don’t want to give artists too much direction, as they need the freedom to create. Vickie is the perfect blend.”

The artist depicts a grove of trees from a bird’s-eye view in this mosaic tabletop titled Grove of Trees from her Tree Series.
Commissioned pieces comprise about 70 percent of Morrow’s business, although she has ready-to-go tables, mirrors and treasure boxes at her studio, at Textures Gallery at Scottsdale’s Art Space, and at Practical Art Gallery in Phoenix.

“My artwork has always been practical,” Morrow says. “Remaking furniture, transforming fabric into wonderful quilts, and re-creating boxes and mirrors are all ways to make the useful artful.” And the artist believes she is just getting started in this new direction. “Table bases, fine mirrors and small boxes keep showing up for me to rescue and repurpose.”

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