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2008 Emerging Artists

Author: Jennifer Cushman
Issue: March, 2008, Page 145


“We tend to go though our daily routines in a mechanical fashion by using    a set of accepted guides—time, numbers, laws, rules and societal norms—to instruct our actions,” notes artist Fausto G. Fernandez.

Airplane Instructions
Valentine Maze

His mixed-media collage paintings, which often incorporate such surprising materials as pieces of sewing patterns, are anything but routine or predictable.

Fernandez began including paper elements and other unexpected materials in his paintings out of necessity when he moved from El Paso, Texas, to Juarez, Mexico. Finding it difficult to obtain art supplies, he began looking at available resources in a new light—among them blueprints, architectural drawings, and those curious sewing patterns.

Fernandez describes his artistic method as the opposite of sedentary. “I have this box full of paper, and when I start a new painting I pull out whatever looks interesting. I enjoy being in my studio and moving, rather than just sitting in a chair. I am ripping, cutting, pasting. It’s an energetic process that suits my personality.”

Trained as a painter and graphic designer, Fernandez says it is important to him that his work retain its painterly aesthetic. While texture is applied to Masonite board through layers of acrylic paint, roof tar and paper elements, his large finished pieces are flat and devoid of frayed edges.

The artist’s sense of humor shines in the titles of his creations, such as Earth and Body Measurements, or Allowances Included. After the pieces are completed, he names the works by searching through words found on sewing patterns and other papers embedded in the collage paintings.

“I never know a title of a piece until it is finished because the paintings title themselves,” explains Fernandez. “It’s a part of my process where I get to amuse myself.”

Age: 32
Place of Residence: Phoenix
Education: Bachelor of fine arts in painting, and bachelor of fine arts in graphic design, University of Texas at El Paso, 2001
Gallery Representation: The Latin American Art Gallery, Scottsdale
Exhibitions and Honors of Note: January 2008 group show, Brooks Barrows gallery, Milwaukee; Heard Museum, Remix: New Modernities in a Post-Indian World, a group show that began in October 2007, and travels to the Smithsonian Institution's Museum of the American Indian in New York City in May 2008; Arizona Biennial 2007 at the Tucson Museum of Art; November/December 2007 solo show at Modified Arts gallery, Phoenix.
Web site:
Quote: “The blueprints, sewing patterns and maps in my work represent the guides that we follow in our lives to create a more stable way to go through daily routines.”

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