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2008 Emerging Artists

Author: Jennifer Cushman
Issue: March, 2008, Page 145

Douglas Diehl deftly distills his life as an artist into one ambition. “My goal as a painter is basic—to paint the everyday beauty that is in our lives,” he says.

Prescott Skies
Red Rock Drama
“Through ageless painting techniques such as values, edges, composition, color harmonies and drawing, what I desire to do with every painting is capture the awe, the wonder, the joy, the emotion we experience when nature puts on its little display for us.”

Diehl creates poetry on canvas in true Impressionistic style. And, like any good poet, he begins his visual storytelling with a suggestion of sentiment that leads viewers into a scene without giving away every detail. His lush color palette and undulating horizon lines permit one’s imagination to picture the landscape past the confines of the canvas.
“My half of the art is finished when I am done painting,” he comments. “The other half is when someone views the painting and has an emotional connection to it,” he comments.
Though art has been Diehl’s passion for a lifetime, he has only been painting for six years. Prior to that, he supported his wife, now-prominent artist Susan Diehl, and their three children as a builder and businessman. With the children all grown, the couple pursues their individual art careers with zeal.

“I met Susan in college. I tell her I fell in love with her because of her big brown eyes. She tells me it was because of her big black portfolio,” jokes Diehl, who credits his wife as being his most influential mentor.

photography by Eric Swanson
DOUGLAS DIEHL: Oil painting
Age: 52
Place of Residence: Peoria, Arizona
Education: Mentors William F. Reese and Susan Diehl; various workshops through the Scottsdale Artists’ School
Gallery Representation: Scottsdale Fine Art Gallery, Scottsdale; Montana Trails Gallery, Bozeman, Montana; Lawrence Gallery, Portland, Oregon; Cole Gallery, Edmonds, Washington
Exhibitions and Honors of Note: May 2008, Exotic India Show, Scottsdale Fine Art, Scottsdale; September 2007, three-person show, Lawrence Gallery, Portland, Oregon; July 2007, three-person show, Cole Gallery, Edmonds, Washington; March 2007, three-person landscape show, Scottsdale Fine Art, Scottsdale
Web site:
Quote: “My goal as an artist is not to deceive the eye, but rather to delight the eye through color, harmony and strong design. I would like people who view my work to know what it feels like to be where I’m painting.”

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