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Special Edition 2017

Author: Editorial Staff
Issue: August, 2017
Click here to download the Special Edition 2017 Celebrating Contemporary Southwest Design
Click on the image above to view a full version of the 2017 Special Edition. Please note the file is large (45MB) and may take a significant amount of time to display.

Welcome to the 2017 Special Edition of Phoenix Home & Garden and to our annual celebration of contemporary Southwest style and design.

The burgeoning interest in contemporary architecture, interiors, landscapes, fashion and food has many design mothers. The early 20th century’s Modern Movement of democratic, industrial design is at its roots. But the midcentury—pop culture’s current love interest—brought contemporary vibes into the mainstream. And with “Wonder Woman” reinvented by cinema—and runway confections referencing bell-bottoms, miniskirts and fringe—even the Mod ’70s and ’80s have a hand in creating the phenomenon.

There is a palatable energy and pace to this trend. We hear from interior designers, architects, builders and realtors that today’s homebuyers want sleek, open and unfussy abodes, whether they’re choosing a downtown loft or a mountainside manse. 

So, why is contemporary hot here in the Valley?

Some of the trend is tied to population growth. We’re getting larger— fast. Greater Phoenix is the 13th largest metro area in the country, and its population is expected to nearly double in two decades. Maricopa County, which includes Phoenix and most of its suburbs, is the country’s fastest growing county. Phoenix is projected to be the top housing market in the country this year, with residential real estate to see price gains of slightly under 6 percent and sales growth of just more than 7 percent.

In addition to sheer numbers, however, is the natural fit for contemporary and the Southwest environment and lifestyle. We have amazing views and sunsets, so a simple, unadorned and streamlined architectural frame for nature is a perfect choice. We also enjoy casual, indoor/outdoor living, so a home that is uncluttered, flexible and serene feels right.

In this issue, we invite you to enjoy some of the best contemporary Southwest architecture, interior design, landscape design and products from the Valley and beyond. Come on in, the party has already started.

Karol DeWulf Nickell
Editor in Chief

You can also find this issue and see Phoenix Home & Garden unbound in our digital issue featuring exclusive videos and content that highlight the best in Southwest design.
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