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Young Guns 2008

Author: Nancy Erdmann
Issue: September, 2008, Page 102

Christopher Alt & Christiana Moss, AIA
Age: Alt, 37; Moss, 36
Profession: Architects
Company: Studio Ma Inc., Phoenix; founded in 2003
with partner Dan Hoffman
Education: Both—Bachelor of Architecture, Cornell
University, Ithaca, New York
How did you get into this line of work? We met while going to architecture school and moved to Phoenix soon after graduating. Both of us worked for other architects before starting Studio Ma in 2003, which focuses on innovative and regional designs. (Ma is a Japanese term that describes the balance between objects and the space around them.)
Who was your mentor?
Alt: Architect Wendell
Burnette; he inspired me
to always follow through on my ideas.
Moss: Architect Eddie Jones; he encouraged me to never be afraid of a good idea.
What inspires you? Alt: Nature.
Moss: The desert and medieval cities.
What is your design philosophy? We put as much focus on the space between and within structures as into the structures themselves. For example, we like to create a social connection to the outside world by designing spaces that allow those living in them to connect with their neighbors or the street scene around them.
What’s on the horizon? Work in other cities in the region, as well as conducting research into new sustainable technologies for the building industry.

Top Left: The architects’ own renovated 1950s Ranch home includes a reconfigured kitchen with Douglas fir cabinetry.
Top Right & Bottom Left: An infill project in north-central Phoenix incorporates Modern forms to create unique living spaces. .
Bottom Right: Another infill project in downtown Phoenix embraces “desert Modernism.”

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