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Eco-Inspired Glassware

Author: Shawndrea Corbin
Issue: May, 2013, Page 48

This eco-inspired glassware from Rolf Glass, a U.S.-based glass decorating manufacturer, is made from recycled wine bottles. Designed by Paula Sansone-Johnson, Glacier Glass is crafted using a state-of-the-art diamond-wheel engraving technology, which gives the repurposed wine bottles their frosted design. Tinted a cool ice-blue, the glasses were conceptualized through a combination of manufacturing engineering, product design and a general environmental awareness.

Packaged in sets of four, Glacier Glass is available in 12-ounce tumblers or in a 16-ounce highball design. And a percentage of all sales from the glassware is donated to help spread environmental awareness. View the collection at

Guilt-free Greens
Farmer D Organic’s growing kit comes in a sustainably harvested and Forest Stewardship Council-certified, western-red cedar box. It includes seeds for Santo cilantro, Sugar Ann snap peas and a nasturtium mix of edible flowers. The box’s compact size lends it to smaller urban living quarters, including patios, decks and balconies. Soil is not included. For details, visit

We’ve come a long way from the toxic lead-based paints of yore, and Sherwin-Williams aims to take it one step further. The company’s new enhanced Harmony Paint is said to improve indoor air quality by reducing airborne concentrations of volatile organic compounds, such as formaldehyde, which can irritate the upper respiratory system. The company claims that the new technologies used to make the paint will reduce the chemicals found in standard building materials, such as carpet, cabinets and fabrics.

The paint also features an “odor-reducing technology,” which minimizes common home odors and boasts anti-microbial elements to restrict the growth of mildew on the paint film itself. Along with its environmental benefits, the product is designed to withstand frequent washings and everyday wear.

Harmony Paint is GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certified and also GREENGUARD Certified for Children and Schools. The paint is currently available in a flat and egg-shell finish, with a semi-gloss option to follow this summer. Visit
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