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LED Lights and Reclaimed Leather Belts

Author: Shawndrea Corbin
Issue: March, 2013, Page 50


IKEA has announced its transition from using standard incandescent bulbs to carrying only LED light bulbs by the year 2016. Reasons for the switch include LED’s use of 80 percent less energy than its counterpart; flexibility for new lighting designs; and less heat for a safer home. In response to this switch, the store will offer LED light bulbs in both their traditional and new lamp designs; a new Lekaryd table lamp, featuring a bowl-like base (pictured); and new Dioder drawer lights. For more information, visit

EcoDomo is giving people a reason to think twice before throwing away used leather belts. The company’s new Phoenix Leather Collection is comprised of recycled leather belts that are repurposed as panels for use as wall coverings, rugs and more. The belts are purchased from various Goodwill stores and assorted collectors, and are then sorted, processed and made into panels. Finished pieces come in black, brown or multicolor groupings and in various shapes and sizes. Find the collection at Floor Styles, Scottsdale,

According to the American Institute of Architects, 42 percent of clients asked for green-building features and 39 percent were already using renewable, on-site energy sources in 2008. Five years later, the green-building movement continues to grow. While many homeowners may want green homes, according to Lorena Farràs Pérez, author of Eco Design Outside (Firefly Books Ltd.), they often have trouble knowing where to start or what to look for.

The book breaks down 50 ideas for sustainable and healthier home exteriors, showcasing them with vivid photographs. Also included are schematics for house, garden, electrical, water and lighting plans. Homeowners are walked through the process, including the initial construction phase, installation and maintenance.

Discussed topics include:
Lighting—Room orientation in accordance with the sun; solar tubes to redirect sunlight; and home-security lighting automation
Water conservation—Collecting rainwater, recirculation, efficient watering devices
Landscaping—Living walls, green roofs, xeriscaped gardens

Pérez notes that while eco-friendly changes are the ethical thing to do for the environment, the savings from lower energy use and healthier living environments that result from green changes are rewards in and of themselves. “[This] doesn’t mean reducing our quality of life. In fact, it can greatly improve it,” she notes.
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