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Sip and Savor

Author: Leah Soto
Issue: May, 2018, Page 62

Have you ever bitten into one of the confections from Zak’s Chocolate, and thought to yourself, “This is so delicious, I wish I could drink it”? Well, now you can. The Scottsdale-based chocolatier recently partnered with Iconic Cocktail of Phoenix to bring you Salted Cocoa Nib, a heavenly mixer that adds just the right drop of sweetness to your favorite beverage or dessert.

The idea for the cocoa-based concoction was born when Zak’s owners Jim and Maureen Elitzak met the owners of Iconic Cocktail Co., known for its small-batch cocktail and coffee mixers, at a Local First Arizona event six months ago. While the concept was a no-brainer—Iconic would create the mixer using pieces of Zak’s ethically sourced cocoa nibs—choosing just the right bean proved to be a little more difficult, as fine cocoa beans, like coffee beans and wine grapes, have different terroirs depending on where they’re grown. The couple eventually settled on a Haitian variety, chosen for its incredibly unique taste—full and smooth with hints of tart cherries and roasted nuts. “It has a very complex flavor profile,” says Jim Elitzak, who adds that a dash of sea salt in the blend “really helps the flavors pop.”

Although the mixer is intended to flavor coffee or tea, Iconic also devised two recipes for luscious, chocolatey adult libations. The elixir is great over ice cream, too, the chocolatier reports.

Salted Cocoa Nib mixer is available in 17-ounce bottles for $20 from or Recipes can be found at
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