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Rustic Gate

Author: Ashley Footer
Issue: April, 2014, Page 152

Pretty Portal

The new owners of a Scottsdale home fell in love with its rustic charms—an affection that only deepened upon the discovery of other “hidden” gems, including this rough-hewn gate off their back patio.

A pathway of angular flagstone pavers leads to the side yard where the unique entry gate awaits. It features mirrored cutouts of lizards, which are frequent visitors to desert gardens. Below, vertical latillas inset in the gate’s metal frame, along with wood planks strategically cut to showcase knots and cracks, underscore the Southwest vibe.

The gate is not only eye-catching, but also functional, concealing the compressor and heating elements for a nearby spa. Adding to the appeal, the broad canopy of an ironwood tree offers much-needed shade during the summer months.
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