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Faux Green

Author: Shawndrea Corbin
Issue: April, 2014, Page 36
Succulent Wallpaper:


It can be said that every room of the house should have something living in it, be it person, pet or plant. But when it comes to adding some green to your gables, plants can invite a host of outdoor nuisances inside. Whether you lack a green thumb or simply prefer to have a soil-free household, you still can pay homage to Mother Nature through plant-inspired wares. With roots that are firmly entrenched in the desert Southwest, these products are inventive and green in spirit.  —SC

The Lady’s Prickly Chair by Valentina Gonzalez Wohlers:
3. Metal Leaf Decorative Bowl:

Metal Leaf Decorative Bowl:
Neon Cactus and Green Succulent Decorative Modern Chic pillows:

Porcelain succulent and cactus: The Plant Stand of Arizona, Phoenix,

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