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Courtyard Entrance

Author: Debra Kline
Issue: April, 2013, Page 160
Photo by Art Holeman

First Impressions

Traditional Southwest-style elements and architecture come together in this classic Spanish Colonial-style courtyard entrance. Phoenix homeowner and plant enthusiast Steve Gurley put plenty of thought into planning his home’s outdoor spaces. Desert landscaping, he says, is all about finding plants that can handle hot, arid conditions, as well as the likelihood of poor soil. Gurley answered the challenge by planting low-water-use desert vegetation such as aloe, yucca, and barrel and totem cacti along a curving Saltillo-tile path. Reminiscent of a Spanish mission, reclaimed hacienda-style wooden doors hang from an arched portal shaded by palo verde and mesquite trees. A rusted iron bell and terra-cotta pots made from the tops of chimineas reinforce the authentic Southwest flavor.
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