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December 2017 Picks for the Gardener

Author: Editorial Staff
Issue: December, 2017, Page 114
THE NEW MISTLETOEDeck the halls this season with Scottsdale ceramicist Jim Sudal’s Agave Leaf Wreath. Featuring one of Arizona’s most iconic plants and topped with a festive bow with decorative faux succulents, the piece is made from high-fired and glazed stoneware clay and individually hand-signed by Sudal. An attached hanger allows the decoration to be on full display either indoors or out. 16" in diameter. $295 (

COMPOST CHICReduce waste with the Farmhouse Compost Crock. The countertop ceramic vessel holds 3.5 quarts of organic refuse, such as fruit peels and vegetable scraps, until it can be brought out to your compost bin or pile. With its vintage design, chicken-wire basket and a carbon filter in the lid to help to control unwanted odors, the crock adds charm to the kitchen and gives you a big green thumbs-up. 11"H by 6" in diameter. $35 (
DESERT-FRIENDLY GREENERYDiscover what trees, bushes and flowers will thrive in the Southwest with the help of “Pretty Tough Plants” (Timber Press). Written by the experts at Plant Select, an organization that seeks out the best greens for every climate condition, the guide evaluates water-smart choices on both durability and aesthetics. Peruse 135 plant descriptions to find out which would best fit your location, weather and soil to create the garden of your dreams. $17 (

EATING PRETTYGive your fluttering friends an attractive place to dine with the Poppy Hummingbird Feeder. Created by artist Andrew Holmberg, the handblown glass flowers come in a variety of interchangeable colors, including red, yellow, purple, green and aqua. Feathered companions rest their feet on the flower’s petals and dip their beaks into the detachable reservoir. Stakes range from 46" to 50"H. $65 (
SHADE THE DATEAwaken your inner Picasso and make your year as vibrant as you want with Laurence King’s coloring calendars. “Birdtopia” features a variety of birds, from the exotic palm cockatoo to the European robin, that are awaiting your imagination to take flight. “Floribunda” offers an array of flowers in intricate patterns, including snapdragons, dahlias, freesias and lilies. With plenty of space to write down important dates, the calendars showcase 12 months of art while keeping your life organized. $15 (

ILLUMINATE THE NIGHTFor shade when you need it and extra light when it’s dark, the Ocean Master Max umbrella with an LED lighting option provides the best of both worlds. With a touch-control system, including on-off and dimming, the umbrella is practical and simple yet adds a sophisticated touch to any patio or pool. Visit website for pricing. (

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