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November 2017 picks for the Gardener

Author: Rachel Eroh
Issue: November, 2017, Page 144
TWEET RETREAT The J Schatz Stoneware Bird Bath provides a stylish space for feathered friends to take a refreshing backyard soak. Appearing to float elegantly in the air, this delicate light aqua-colored vessel complements its surroundings with a simple yet sophisticated design. A 3-inch lip and talon edge allows birds to rest their feet before diving into the water. The bath is suspended by a natural Manila rope that can be tied to a tree branch or hook for easy access. 22.5" in diameter. $250 (

FUN WITH FLORA Available only during the winter months, Amaryllis Cherry Nymph adds just the right amount of vibrant, merry color to any space during the holidays. One bulb is guaranteed to produce two flower stems and can be grown year-round. Kit includes bulb, potting medium, woven basket and instructions for both indoor and outdoor planting. These flowers are a charming gift idea that anyone can enjoy. $43
SPEAK FROM THE ART Immortalize the spirit of the desert in your home or backyard with the Magnetic Trio by local artist Daniel Moore. Made of hot rolled steel, the three magnetic panels, which attach to a larger back plate, come in seven designs, including the brand-new aloe and aspen, that represent our state’s multiple elevations and vegetation. The panels can be  interchanged with other designs, and the entire triptych hangs from a back hook. 22.5"H by 32"W. $375 (

WATER-WISE READING Widely known as the “Queen of Succulents,” Debra Lee Baldwin shares her extensive
knowledge on low-maintenance and eye-
catching plants in “Designing With Succulents” (Timber Press). This updated guide with 400 photos includes profiles of 50 easy-care plants, DIY ideas and a variety of projects from world-class designers and innovative homeowners, along with tips and tricks on how to cultivate a prosperous water-smart garden. The text has everything to keep a succulent lover entertained and plenty of knowledge to help a new gardener become an expert. $25 (
URBAN GREENSWhile city life and gardening don’t always go hand in hand, the GrowPack helps you add fresh greenery to even the smallest spaces. Made of weather-resistant waxed canvas, the stylish and portable satchel features adjustable straps that allow it to easily be slung over a balcony railing or be fastened to an exterior wall for a pop of freshness and color. Available in two sizes. $24-$32 (

CLEAN CUT Regain control of your backyard with the new Machete Axe from Fiskars that, with the help of its multiple blade edges, will finish any job from clearing, weeding, trimming and cutting. Constructed to be used with one hand with
form-fitting features for ultimate comfort; the other hand is free to grab and pile cuttings. The rust-resistant 18-inch blade’s edges will remain sharp and last through the wear and tear that comes with any project. $55 (

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