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July 2017 picks for the Gardener

Author: Shayla Hyde
Issue: July, 2017, Page 106
Infused with flavors such as vanilla, hibiscus, lavender and lemongrass, Amborella Organics seed-bearing lollipops are an all-natural, indulgent treat that are also good for Mother Earth. The sweets’ biodegradable sticks contain heirloom seeds that reflect their flavor. Once the candy has been savored, place the stick in the soil, water and watch new, green life appear. $2.25/lollipop; $54/bundle of 24. (

PALM READINGFrom seed germination to symptoms of disease, this is a must-have manual for lovers of the Southwest's most tropical trees. “Ornamental Palm Horticulture, Second Edition” (University Press of Florida) provides photographs and detailed instructions for proper care and transplanting, seed germination, fertilization, pests, diseases and much more. Enthusiasts can go from amateur to expert with the turn of a page. $40 (

FORGED FLORAIn an homage to one of the Southwest’s most familiar plants, local artisan Ryan Floyd has created the Metal Ocotillo Sculpture. The twists and bends of its rusted steel stems celebrate the gentle curves of this Sonoran favorite, making it a dramatic accent for display indoors or out. 60"H by 18"W. $185
IN A GOOD LIGHTThe Mr. Go LED Lamp outshines other outdoor lighting accessories with its sleek look and curved design. Crafted from recyclable aluminum and coated in a water-based paint, the lantern is low on power consumption; its rechargeable battery can last five hours on the highest brightness setting and more than 50 hours on the lowest. A built-in USB port provides on-the-go phone charging, while an attachable leather strap allows for easy transport and suspension. Available in five stylish colors: gray, orange, blue, green and white. 10"H by 4.3"W by 3.2"D. $250 (

GROWING INTELLIGENCEThe Edyn Garden Sensor brings home cultivation into the digital age. Placed in the ground, this sleek tool monitors light, humidity, temperature, soil nutrition and moisture levels. The device connects by Wi-Fi to an app that compares the findings with information provided by plant databases, soil science and weather trends, giving precise information on your garden’s needs. $100 (
BLAZING BEAUTYComposed of quarter-inch, hot rolled, non-powder coated steel, the Stahl Firepit is built to last. In the backyard or at a campsite, the nonwelded, five-piece pit is easily assembled and transported, creating long-lasting warmth wherever it goes, and because it is free of artificial treatments, it will achieve a golden color over time. 12"H by 30"L by 30.5”W. $950 (
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