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June 2014 picks for the Gardener

Author: Nancy Erdmann
Issue: June, 2014, Page 120

Stakes are often needed to help young trees grow faster and straighter, but they also can be unsightly. Phoenix landscape designer Susanna Davis, co-owner of Gardens by Chilo & Susanna, came up with a creative solution—designing decorative tree stakes embellished with iron “leaves.” Made from 2"-round iron piping, the posts include a bar welded to the pipe’s rim in which to wrap the tree wire around. Measuring 40" long, the stakes can be ordered by contacting Davis at (602) 570-2224 or

SMART STARTFeed your garden, not the landfill, with the help of the Green Cycler by Ecotonix. Designed to make composting easy by starting the process in the kitchen, the appliance features a stainless-steel shredder that chops up such food items as rinds, peels and cores. The nutrient-rich scraps can then be placed in the compost pile to decompose before being added to the garden. Purchase the eco-friendly tool at or
PRUNING PALS Get a head start on pruning by choosing tools that make the job easier. Flexrake’s 4-Piece Ergonomic Pruner Gift Set includes bypass, anvil and fine shears, as well as a plant knife. Modeled after hard-to-find antiques from an era when tools were crafted by hand, the set features oak handles, durable carbon-steel blades and non-stick blade surfaces. Find them at

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