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May 2013 Picks for the Gardener

Author: Nancy Erdmann
Issue: May, 2013, Page 120

NATURAL NUTRIENTS Feeding your plants with organic fertilizer is as easy as brewing tea in a container. Sustain’s all-natural Compost Tea Bags come in packets containing nutrients that, when steeped and applied to plants, are immediately absorbed by their roots. Simply place a bag in a watering can filled with water, leave it overnight and apply to plants. The tea bags also can be set directly into a planting hole before transplanting, where they will release nutrients as they break down. Find them at Phoenix-area John Deere Landscapes stores or

JUST ADD WATER These inexpensive designer-savvy watering cans were created with an organic shape and in an assortment of colors, making them easy to use and fun to display. IKEA’s PS VÅLLÖ polypropylene containers hold 41 ounces of liquid, and also can be used as juice pitchers or vases. Find them at
LET IT RAIN Ever wonder why your garden looks so good after it rains? Raindrops gather oxygen as they fall through the air, and the highly oxygenated water helps plants absorb nutrients more efficiently. Now you can get the same benefits whenever you want with Pure Rain hose nozzles, a product that oxygenates tap water in its chambers before reaching your plants. Available in hand-held and wand designs, they can be found at Target, Lowe’s and

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