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Wall Mosaic

Author: Nancy Erdmann
Issue: August, 2013, Page 60
Photo by Nancy Erdmann

A Blank Wall Serves as a Canvas for Mosaic Art

Nancy Low, a mosaic artist and part-time Phoenix resident, got tired of looking at her backyard’s “bland and ordinary” stucco wall. “The rest of the view is so pretty, but the wall bothered me every time I sat outside,” she recalls.

Since she and her husband are not full-time residents, they felt it would be difficult to keep a garden looking its best. Instead, Low decided to create a wall mosaic filled with colorful flowers that are “in bloom” year-round.

The project evolved with the left side showcasing a daytime scene of cacti and flowers. On the far right (not shown) is a nighttime scene with stars, comets, meteors and planets. “The wall is very dramatic at night, as it is lit by a series of solar lights,” says Low.

She used mortar to adhere such found objects as broken china, rebar, river stone, horseshoes, votives, kitchen strainers and glass chards. “Anything with an interesting shape or texture was fair game,” Low confides.
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