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Plant Alternatives

Author: Nancy Erdmann
Issue: April, 2013, Page 112

If you are smitten with plants that have little chance of surviving the low-desert climate but want to mimic their look in the garden,consider these arid-happy alternatives.

                      IF YOU LIKE                                          THEN PLANT
If you like Lilac - Then Plant Butterfly bush (Buddleja davidii); lilac vine (Hardenbergia violacea); sky flower (Duranta erecta); Texas mountain laurel (Sophora secundiflora)

If you like Buttercup - Then Plant Arizona poppy (Kallstroemia grandiflora); California poppy (Eschscholtzia californica)

If you like Peony - Then Plant Ranunculus (Ranunculus asiaticus)

If you like Forsythia - Then Plant Shrubby senna (Senna wislizenii); yellow bells (Tecoma stans)

If you like Morning glory (Ipomoea) - Then Plant Blue hibiscus (Alyogyne huegelii)

If you like Hydrangea - Then Plant Cape plumbago (Plumbago auriculata)

If you like Maple - Then Plant Chinese pistache (Pistacia chinensis)

If you like Wisteria - Then Plant Texas mountain laurel (Sophora secundiflora); lilac vine (Hardenbergia violacea)
If you like Holly - Then Plant Firethorn (Pyracantha coccinea)

Additional Plant Alternatives not pictured:
If you like Agapanthus - The Plant Society garlic (Tulbaghia violacea)

If you like Birch - The Plant Palo blanco (Acacia willardiana)

If you like Clematis - The Plant Baja passion vine (Passiflora foetida)

If you like Daffodil - The Plant Evening rainlily (Cooperia drummondii)

If you like Dahlia - The Plant Chrysanthemum sp.
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