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Why has the fruit on our Eureka lemon tree developed bumpy, thick skin and very little juice?

Author: Kelly Young
Issue: January, 2018, Page 129

Q - Over the past several years, the fruit on our Eureka lemon tree have developed bumpy, thick skin and produce very little juice. What can we do to restore their original quality?

A - Many citrus trees in Arizona are grafted onto “rough” lemon rootstock. Although edible, rough lemons are not as attractive as the Eureka variety and generally produce a less desirable juice. Maintaining grafted fruit trees requires removing shoots that originate below the grafts. Do a close inspection of the tree to find any branches that still produce Eureka lemons. If you don’t find any, you can remove the tree and replace it with a true Eureka cultivar, being sure to carefully prune out any suckers, or choose to live with marginally acceptable lemon juice.
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