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How can I convince my HOA that I shouldn't have to remove Mediterranean grass?

Author: Kelly Young
Issue: January, 2018, Page 129

Q - My homeowners association says I need to remove the wild grass that blankets the gravel in my front yard. It is bright green and very soft, and it doesn’t grow very tall. How can I convince my HOA that I shouldn’t have to take out something so lovely?

A - Each winter, a carpet of Mediterranean grass (Schismus barbatus) covers the floor of many desert landscapes throughout Arizona. Although green and soft as you described, Mediterranean grass is not native to the Southwest. Considered a weed, it readily reseeds and returns in greater numbers year after year, spreading into neighboring areas. Fortunately, this low-growing, weedy bunch grass is easy to pull out and surrenders readily to a hoe. If you do nothing, the plants will dry up and die once springtime temperatures reach approximately 90 degrees. To avoid reseeding, it is best to remove the plants before the seed-producing spikelets appear in the spring.

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