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I was given an amaryllis kit but I will be traveling soon. Can I wait a few weeks before I plant it?

Author: Kelly Young
Issue: December, 2017, Page 113

Q - I was given an amaryllis kit as a gift but I will be travelling soon and don’t want to miss the bloom. Can I wait a few weeks before I plant it?

A - As long as there isn’t a green shoot emerging from the bulb, it is still dormant and you can store it in the refrigerator for a few weeks until you are ready to plant it. The soil it came with may have dried out, so mix water into the soil to be sure it is thoroughly moist, without being waterlogged. Place the bulb, pointed end up, in the soil, leaving the top one-third of the bulb exposed. Place the pot in a sunny window, and water regularly so the soil remains consistently moist. In a week or two, you should see the shoot emerge, followed by a beautiful bloom a few weeks after that.
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