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Can you recommend any plants that will keep rabbits from eating my garden?

Author: Kelly Young
Issue: December, 2017, Page 113

Q - I planted a vegetable garden in October, and rabbits have eaten everything. Can you recommend any plants that will repel these cute but destructive pests?

A - Once rabbits locate a source for fresh produce, they will come back time and again, especially if there aren’t better alternatives nearby. No plant is truly rabbit-proof; a hungry bunny will eat just about any plant and will even strip bark from trees. Commercial repellents work for a short time, but eventually the ravenous pests overcome their reluctance and press through. Your best bet is to fence rabbits out, rather than try to repel them. Garden supply stores carry fencing materials designed to specifically exclude rabbits, or you can purchase hardwire mesh or poultry wire for the same purpose. Rabbits can easily dig under, jump over and squeeze through fencing materials that aren’t buried a minimum of 10 inches deep, that extend at least 2 feet above ground and that have openings no larger than 1 inch in diameter.
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