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Has a sweet potato I planted in the garden grown tubers underground?

Author: Kelly Young
Issue: November, 2017, Page 143

Q - A sweet potato that I left on my countertop last summer started sprouting leaves, so I planted it in my garden. The vine quickly covered the entire area, and I have been eating the leaves in salads for months. Do you think that the plant also grew new sweet potatoes underground?

A - Yes! Your sweet potato vine has been stockpiling sugars all summer into the underground tubers. As the vine covered your garden, new roots formed where the stem made solid contact with the soil. Carefully dig where you find roots and you will likely discover tubers attached. Cut the tubers from the stem and brush off the excess soil. Allow the tubers to cure in the sun for two to three days, until the cut has calloused over for a sweeter, less starchy flavor. Enjoy your accidental harvest.

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