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What can I use to control pests that is safe to use around edible plants?

Author: Kelly Young
Issue: October, 2017, Page 123

Q - I think snails have been eating my lettuce seedlings. When I removed some cardboard mulch in the garden, there were dozens of them hiding underneath. What can I use to control them that is safe around edible plants?

A - Snails and slugs can be serious pests in Arizona vegetable gardens. We most commonly find the elongated-shelled decollate snail crawling on pavement after heavy rains. Although they are predators, the decollate snail will feed on tender garden seedlings if its favorite prey, slugs and brown garden snails, aren’t available. Remove the snails’ hiding places and try to let the soil dry out between irrigating. Never use salt to kill snails or slugs as this will harm the soil. You can also trap snails under a board placed near the garden and hand-pick them during the day, while they are hiding.
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