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Is there any way to prevent agaves from blooming and then dying?

Author: Kelly Young
Issue: October, 2017, Page 123

Q - We have 20 agaves that have started producing large flowering stalks. Is it true that the plants will die after they bloom? Is there anything we can do to stop this process?

A - With few exceptions, agaves die after blooming. Watching our valuable landscape plants perform their final act of beauty can be a bittersweet time for gardeners. Although some folks try to prolong an agave’s life by cutting off the stalk before the flowers are produced, this is only a short-term solution that makes the plant less attractive during its final months and prevents it from realizing its full, beautiful potential. You didn’t mention what type of agave you have, but it may be one that will produce hundreds of tiny plants, called bulbils, along the flowering stalk. You can plant these bulbils in your landscape to enjoy for many years before they bloom.
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