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Gardening suggestions for watering lantana

Author: Cathy Cromell
Issue: September, 2014, Page 143


Q - I planted many lantanas in spring and they now appear fried. They receive minimal drip irrigation daily, so I don’t think they are over-watered. Any suggestions?

A - New transplants have a hard time establishing during our hot, dry summers, explains University of Arizona Maricopa County Cooperative Extension Master Gardener Antje Schneider. Do you know how much water your emitters apply? As an example, if an emitter puts out 1 gallon of water per hour (this is a common emitter size) and your timer is set for a short period—say 15 minutes—only 1 quart of water is applied, which is insufficient to penetrate the root zone.

Also, frequent shallow irrigations allow salt buildup in the root zone. Salt burn first appears as yellowing along leaf margins and eventually foliage browns and dies. Water established lantana to a depth of 1 foot and allow the soil to dry out an inch or so at the surface before watering again. New transplants require more frequent watering for several weeks to maintain consistent soil moisture and promote root growth.
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