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Gardening tips on thinning out candelilla

Author: Cathy Cromell
Issue: November, 2012, Page 145


Q - My candelilla (Euphorbia antisyphilitica) is growing next to my lawn, near a sprinkler. Its stems are floppy rather than upright. Why is this? Also, the plant is spreading too far, and I need to reduce its overall diameter by half. Should I cut stems down to ground height or dig down where it spreads underground?

A - The floppiness is likely due to some combination of over-watering and insufficient sunlight, states Phoenix-area horticulturist Robyn Baker. Some overspray or leakage near sprinkler heads may be inevitable, and any root system will spread toward moist soil to soak up as much as it can. Candelilla is fairly easy to divide. You could slice through an outer section and remove it, leaving the bulk of the plant in place; or, dig up the entire plant and gently separate the roots into clumps for replanting.
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