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Cutting the Mustard

Author: Kim Hill
Issue: September, 2008, Page 76
Photography by David B. Moore
1. Buzz Word
A hint of papaya and a zing of habanero chile make Bee Sting mustard both sweet and hot.

2. Champagne Taste
Not just for pretzels, Rothschild Farm’s champagne honey mustard dip can be basted on poultry or pork.

3. Step Right Up
Classic carnival mustard is one of several varieties offered by Vivi’s.

4. Southern Style
Some barbecue sauces start with a mustard base, such as this one from Salt Lick Restaurant in Texas.

5. Chicken Lickin'
Try Honey Must’s sweet, tangy,
similar-to-barbecue sauce with chicken fingers or wings.  

6. Sweet Tooth
 Brown sugar, molasses and jalapeños add a sweet jolt to this mustard, which can be spread on barbecue meats, veggies and even seafood.

7. Tasty Trio
Favored by Americans, ballpark-style mustard (top) is made from ground white mustard seeds, sugar, vinegar and turmeric, which gives it a bright-yellow color. Tarragon Dijon mustard (center) and whole-grain Dijon mustard (bottom) have higher heat indexes and offer more range of flavor.

8. Star Quality  
Honey mustard dressing has become a grocery-aisle standard, with celebrity chefs like the Barefoot Contessa getting in on the game.

9. Hot Dip
Mix S & B Oriental Hot Mustard with cold water, and use as a dipping sauce for egg rolls or rumaki.

10. Dry Rub
A pantry staple, dry mustard is used in rubs and to flavor baked beans, deviled eggs and meat dishes.

11. Pour It On
Dijon mustard is typically used in dressings such as Brianna’s and in homemade mayonnaise.

12. Lunch Break
 For a midday kick, spread Beaver’s Extra Hot Jalapeño mustard on a sandwich.
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