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What’s Cooking?

Author: Susan Regan
Issue: May, 2009, Page 49


Wernimont has noticed a growing interest in entertainment-friendly kitchens that reflect homeowners’ personalities. She says color can lend these rooms personal flair. Following are several ideas for incorporating color with accents and accessories:

Photo by Christiaan Blok

A backsplash border made of hand-painted glass tiles adds a burst of color to this kitchen. Bright floral-shaped vases and fresh flowers serve as accents.
Backsplashes. “I think creativity with color in the backsplash is a great way to add a punch of color,” observes Hayes. Recently, Kitchens Southwest remodeled its showroom and installed a gray-blue painted-glass backsplash that matches two base cabinets. The design was accented with natural rift-cut cabinetry. Rindal likes the options colored glass tiles present for brightening kitchens, and notes that such shades as mint green, soft blue and pale yellow are popular.

Dinnerware and linens. “A lot of people are scared to death of color,” observes Wernimont. Small doses in such items as table linens and dinnerware can liven up a breakfast nook or bar-top seating for a special occasion, without being overpowering.

Lighting. Rindal says pendant lighting above an island is a “great source of color and style.” Try fixtures in pastels, earthy tones or bold hues.

Countertop appliances, such as this KitchenAid mixer in Tangerine, add bright splashes of color to the kitchen.

Accessories. Gadgets, countertop appliances and even teakettles can add splashes of color to a kitchen, notes Wernimont. She recommends storing brightly hued spatulas and whisks in utensil holders or displaying colorful small appliances on the counter. Other tips she gives include changing the look of a breakfast nook by dressing chairs with slipcovers, and hanging colorful kitchen towels and potholders on wall hooks.

Photo (left) by Werner Segarra

A layered two-tone palette of red and blue was used on the custom cabinetry in this Mexican-style kitchen.

Photo (right) by Luca Trovato

A mix of Italian tiles in shades of yellow, blue, brown and green forms a vibrant back-splash behind a cooktop.

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