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Buon Appetito!

Author: Susan Regan
Issue: February, 2009, Page 156
Photo by Werner Segarra, Food Styling by Chef M. Allan Schanbacher

Antipasti With Bagna Cauda Sauce, Roasted Pork Loin With Tonnato Sauce
Tucked between France and Switzerland and nestled at the foot of the Alps sits the Italian region of Piemonte, or Piedmont. Vineyards dot the fertile land; locally produced fare fills the quaint village markets; and truffles—one of the world’s most expensive foods—have made the area a household name for gastronomes. In addition, the Slow Food movement, which honors the simple goodness of dishes prepared with regional in-season products, began here.

Last fall, Phoenix Home & Garden Executive Chef M. Allan Schanbacher traveled to Piemonte to experience the area’s flavors firsthand. Here and on the pages that follow, we present a travelogue of his impressions, photos from his trip and a market-to-table menu he created to reflect the essence of Piemonte’s passion for quality cuisine.  


Antipasti With Bagna Cauda Sauce

Roasted Pork Loin With Tonnato Sauce

Salt-Roasted Stuffed Sweet Onions

Gnocchi With Pesto Sauce

Pasta With Wild Mushrooms

Hazelnut Torte

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