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Japanese Slicer

Author: Susan Regan
Issue: May, 2009

Chef Allan’s Tips for Using a Japanese Slicer

A Japanese mandolin, or slicer, is a handy kitchen tool that can slice and cut vegetables and hard fruit quickly and precisely. Most models come with a stationary blade for creating paper-thin to 3/8”-thick slices, as well as three additional blades that can make varying widths of julienne vegetables. A slicer can cut vegetables for a shaved salad, stir fry, French fries or cole slaw. Slicers typically come in three sizes; Chef Allan recommends the medium width, which usually measures between 31/2” to 4” wide. He strongly recommends using the finger guard to avoid cuts.

To make cucumber ribbons, slice a cucumber on its side lengthwise (pictured). Discard the first two slices, which will be mainly skin, and only slice the fleshy part of the cucumber, stopping before you reach the seeded middle. Japanese slicers can be found at many Asian markets, such as Super L Ranch Market or Lee Lee Oriental Supermarket, both in the Phoenix area.

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